Fanita Ranch Project

Dear Santee,

"The plan submitted to city planners last year shows sites for 2,949 houses, compared to about 1,400 houses approved by the city in a 2007 design."

So they propose to more than double the amount of units. Which means they're really not listening to our concerns here in Santee.

"None of the units will be designated as affordable housing. Attached homes are expected to be priced in the $400,000 range, with detached single-family homes in the $500,000 to $750,000 range depending on size, O'Connr advised"

So forget about affordable housing.

"Promises for infrastructure improvements made by other residential developers including Weston (formerly Castlerock) still haven’t been done, so Stephen Houlahan is skeptical of HomeFed’s intention to make improvements as it builds out the project. Instead, street improvements should be made before housing construction starts, he said."

We didn't forget the tactics used in the past. They'll draw a lane on the ground and then call it "Traffic Mitigation" and then build 600 units before doing anything substantial. We're being taken advantage of. We must stay vigilant and keep asking the hard questions!

#FedUp with #HomeFed

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