Dear Neighbors and Residents of District 3,

We know that the infrastructure for the existing residents of District 3 has long been neglected. Developments that increase density, impact our streets and do not comply with the Santee General Plan are repeatedly approved at city council without adequate consideration for our infrastructure needs. This must change.

I want to put the people of District 3 first. The needs of existing residents should come before the profiteering of out-of-town developers. Well planned development can enhance our city, but development for development’s sake reduces our quality of life.

My campaign does not accept developer dollars because developers should not be able to purchase favor from decision makers who should impartially decide projects.

I support the Santee General Plan Protection Initiative because our highest land use law should not be for sale. The General Plan should be the guide for thoughtful development.

I support Term Limits because we need to make sure that local government cannot be captured by the money and power of development interests. Term Limits assure open seat competitive elections.

Transparency, ethics and accountability matter. It would be my privilege to serve as your council member.

Let’s Prevent Over-Development, Traffic Gridlock and Protect Valuable Open Spaces

Are you concerned with out-of-control development, traffic congestion and loss of natural open space in Santee?"

I am too!

  • I will NOT approve new residential development without adequate consideration for our infrastructure needs.
  • I do NOT accept developer money!
  • I do NOT have conflicts of interest..

Promote Transparency, Ethics and Accountability with Technology

  • City Council meetings should be live streamed and archived.
  • I’ll also offer regular Town Hall meetings for District 3 to be accountable to you.

City-Education Connection: Harness Educational Potential

I have a strong passion for education and the opportunities it presents for our community!

  • I will build partnerships between Santee and our prestigious educational institutions with programs that engage students, teachers, & administrators in civic projects.
  • I believe we should improve our outreach efforts for our surrounding education institutions (Rio Seco, Prospect, West Hills High School, Santana High School, Grossmont-Cuyamaca District, San Diego State University, UC San Diego, University of San Diego, ect.) In order to do multiple initiatives:

->Help the Movement! <-

I'm taking ZERO developer money.

I'm taking ZERO political party money.

This is about the People.

This is a People Powered Movement!

Under Santee election rules PAC and company donations are not allowed. Campaign law limits contributions to $700 per person or $1,400 per couple. Political contributions are not tax deductible.

9857 Mission Gorge rd. Apt 4
Santee, CA 92071
FPPC#  1407309